About the Artist...
Like Frida and De Lempicka who came before her, Linda Marie is adding a hint of femininity and glamour to an historically male dominated profession. When asked how she classifies her work, Linda Marie says," I call it art for the romantic heart. My desire is that you will see and feel both passion and paint". Her oil paintings reflect  love, romance, adventure and intrigue. They invite the viewer to step into her lexicon of a life lived passionately. Marie's paintings and prints are in private collections throughout the US and abroad. She draws inspiration from the colorful San Francisco bay area, the peaceful Napa Valley and those she has met on her travels. She entered college to study nursing, but by her third year fate intervened and was discovered for modeling. It was during this time she began to quietly sit and teach herself to draw and paint. She also accepted a position in a busy San Francisco art gallery. This would prove to be one of the biggest learning experiences on her journey as it was frequented by people from around the world and characters from all walks of life. Her first exhibition took place in 1999 atop the B of A building. More exhibits followed and a chance encounter with acclaimed Peruvian artist, Guillermo, led to collaborative art shows of their work with live Spanish guitar. In what began as a muse-like artistic friendship later became life altering as Marie eventually became a full time artist and Guillermo returned to his native land to teach at the university. In retrospect, she never imagined her childhood of competition sports and dance training would one day become her source of strength and discipline which she feels is required to live the life of a full time artist and mom. Linda feels people are at their best when allowing themselves to walk hand in hand with God and nature and gracefully weather the inevitable storms. She lives her life inspiring others with her creativity and bringing awareness to the need of mentors for children. When she's not painting, cooking and taking care of her family, she plays piano, studies kung fu and enjoys archaeological documentaries, esp. Biblical.

Note from the Artist:
I am deeply touched by humans, their behavior and the "why" that puts us all in the circumstances life's poker table deals us. Equally, I am moved by the connection of head, hand, eye and soul and when firing on all fours-the magic we have the ability to create. I offer a deep thank you to those who have supported me by purchasing my artwork as well as those just stopping by for a look.

May your life be filled with real passion, color and focus,